AIMPAlways In My Prayers
AIMPAb Initio Model Potential
AIMPAurora Incremental Modernization Project (Canada)
AIMPAnchored Interplanetary Monitoring Platform (satellites)
AIMPArmy Intelligence Master Plan
AIMPARTADS Interface Management Plan
AIMPArmy Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Master Plan
AIMPAssociation of Independent Meeting Planners
AIMPAnts in My Pants
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In support of senior Army Intelligence leadership and the Army's Transformation Plan, the AIMP recently published a vision and implementation plan to transform Army Intelligence.
In the aftermath of September 11, the AIMP Directorate was charged with evaluation of the Army Intelligence Vision for its applicability to the changed environment and in particular to the Homeland Security challenge.
The AIMP Directorate is hard at work on that product as I write this article in early January 2002.
At the direction of the DCSINT, the direction of the AIMP Directorate has constructed an internally consistent and cohesive strategic communications plan to get the word out.
In the meantime, if you would like to send me your thoughts or engage the AIMP in substantive discussions on the future of Army Intelligence, drop us an Internet E-mail at aimp@hqda.
Army Training and Doctrine Command, AIMP comprises a government and contractor integrated concept team (ICT) and integrated product team (IPT).
The AIMP charter is: "To provide a single, synchronized strategy for the evolution of Army Intelligence, at all echelons, to successfully support Army Transformation to the Objective Force.
The AIMP employs a methodology and process to articulate the vision of Army Intelligence for the future, a frank assessment of where we are today, and an analysis of the "delta" that results in a plan to move forward, focused on the envisioned end-state.
In turn, the output, the electronic AIMP (eAIMP), is the primary means of disseminating the established Army positions on intelligence-related issues.
The AIMP pulls data from more than a dozen disparate Army corporate databases to assess issues critical to the MI force and to provide answers on force structure, manpower, and programmatics.