AINCArabic Internet Names Consortium
AINCAudio Information Network of Colorado (formerly Radio Reading Service of the Rockies; est. 1990)
AINCAffaires Indienne et du Nord Canada (French: Indian and northern affairs Canada)
AINCArmy Interoperability Network Center
AINCAntibody-Independent Neutrophil Cytotoxicity
AINCAll-India National Congress (political party)
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Le MF (70 %), AINC (68 %) et P&O (68 %) sont les plus affirmatifs alors que les repondants du MESS le sont le moins (55 %).
Caracteristiques des repondants VARIABLES AINC P&O GC GENRE (F) 67.
As a founding member of AINC, I am eager to participate in these meetings," said J.
Roland, President of AINC has been working on the solution to utilize the rich features provided with The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).
AHT shareholders were entitled to receive one share of AINC common stock for each eighty seven shares of AHT common stock held as of November 11, 2014.