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AINOAmerican in Name Only
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Commenting on the Aino Mina development, Hatam says: "Afghanistan is marked by war and corruption, and resources are limited.
The iPhone still takes the cake for sexy, elegant design, but the Aino ain't no pushover either.
The stand will additionally showcase the Satio, Yari and Aino mobile phones.
In 1907, Finnish soprano Aino Ackte attended a meeting in Savonlinna's Olavinlinna Castle, and, struck by the romantic beauty of the setting, had the idea of staging operas in the castle's courtyard.
During the quarter Sony Ericsson expanded on its strategy of transforming into the Communication Entertainment brand with the announcement of three new mobile phones; Aino, Satio and Yari.
lt;p>Another newcomer in the Sony Ericsson line-up is the Aino.
Aino tabto," 12-year-old Melodie Zaknoon says proudly.
Though the centring of its discussion on Fernando Pessoa's Faust and Samuel Beckett's The Unnamable may suggest a more narrow focus, Aino Rinhaug's article is concerned with no less than the very question of what it means and how to address the question of whether the Absurd is a male-dominated terrain.
Vivian Loftness, (1) Bert Hakkinen, (2) Olaf Adan, (3) and Aino Nevalainen (4)
For example, I found that many of the theories and political strategies in a collection of articles on women's movements from a Scandinavian perspective (see Hilda Romer Christensen, Beatrice Halsaa and Aino Saarinen, eds.
The scenery is just gorgeous,'' said Aino Sten of San Diego as we passed one another on one trail.
See Aino Kuusinen, The Rings of Destiny: Inside Soviet Russia from Lenin to Brezhnev (New York: William Morrow and Company, 1974).