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The Ainu are a people indigenous to the island of Hokkaido, Japan, though they were once spread across northern Japan, the Kurile Islands, and Sakhalin.
SAPPORO - A political party launched in January last year to better represent Japan's indigenous Ainu people has given up its plan to field 10 candidates in the House of Councillors election after failing to collect sufficient campaign funds.
of Ainu Culture, and Dissemination and Enlightenment of Knowledge About
The epochal decision made by the Sapporo District Court in 1997 granting an Ainu the constitutional right to pursue his or her ethnic identity did not go beyond nonpolitical individual rights.
To be sure, minority groups exist in Japan, particularly the native Ainu (living in the northern Island of Hokkaido), ethnic Koreans (most of whom came to Japan in the 1930s-1940s to work, as Japanese men were being inducted into the military), and native inhabitants of Okinawa.
pdf (accessed March 3, 2009); one study estimated the number of "non-Japanese Japanese" at the turn of this century at 4-6 million: Ainu (25,000); Koreans (700,000-1 million); Chinese (200,000); children of mixed ancestry (10,000-25,000); "foreigners" (150,000-200,000).
Yaguchi is adept at engaging silence and overtone, evocative of his Buddhist ancestral heritage, and flashes of illumination at simple observations of birds or trees, reminiscent of his Shinto and neighboring indigenous Ainu roots.
Na decada de 1970, foi desenvolvido um movimento cultural Ainu que abriu escolas para o ensino de sua lingua e tradicoes e em algumas aldeias foram implantadas estruturas tradicionais com a finalidade de produzir artigos artesanais, tornando os turistas-testemunhas do seu estilo de vida tradicional, de modo que pudessem contribuir para atender os objetivos da reconstituicao da identidade cultural dos Ainu.
The committee also noted certain positive developments, including a pilot resettlement program for Myanmar refugees, and the recognition of the Ainu as an indigenous population.
The new additions include a traditional Ainu dance in Hokkaido, northern Japan, performed by the indigenous Ainu people in the area, and ''Gagaku,'' one of Japan's traditional performing arts characterized by long, slow songs and dance-like movements, according to the agency.
Nobu was slightly larger than Seiji and much paler of skin, as if--in geographic complement to his predecessor--he were an Ainu.
The director of the Sican National Museum, Carlos Elera, told the El Comercio newspaper that Shinoda found that people who lived more than 1,000 years ago in what today is the Lambayeque region, about 800 kilometers north of Lima, had genetic links to the contemporaneous populations of Ecuador, Colombia, Siberia, Taiwan and to the Ainu people of northern Japan.