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AIOCAnglo-Iranian Oil Company
AIOCAzerbaijan International Operating Company
AIOCAzerbaijan International Oil Consortium
AIOCAustralian Informatics Olympiad Committee (est. 1999)
AIOCAzerbaijan International Operating Consortium
AIOCAcceptable Initial Operating Capability
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This was found with an AIOC delineation well drilled to 3,450 metres.
AIOC in early 2006 began production at West Azeri from wells about 100 km east of Baku, four months ahead of schedule.
As the 1 May Every Dollar Counts campaign start date neared, the AIOC team defined metrics, reviewed idea entry points, readied our SharePoint site, and pondered the burning question on all our minds: "What if we're flooded with idea submissions?
AIOC is a client of former secretary of state James Baker's law firm.
led consortium (Chevron, ExxonMobil, Lukoil/ARCO and Kazakhoil), and the BP Amoco-led 11 member AIOC consortium for the Azeri, Chirag and shallow water Guneshli fields (also includes Unocal, ExxonMobil, Devon and Amerada Hess) with 4 billion barrels of reserves.
Azeri President Aliyev remarked recently that if the AIOC eventually decides to abandon the Baku-Ceyhan route, then he will start looking for another consortium that will back it.
The AIOC and the British Foreign Office emphasized legal issues, denied that Iran had the right to nationalize its oil industry, and sought to protect the considerable British financial stake in Iranian oil.
The Americans were more likely to work with us if they saw the problem as one of containing Communism rather than restoring the position of the AIOC.
AIOC has the Azeri-Chirag-Deep-water Guneshli (ACG) complex of offshore oilfields, being developed further.
The AIOC was nationalized, a step that infuriated London and Washington, and together they organized the overthrow of Mossadegh.
The AIOC consists of the operator BP, which has a 34.