AIODAcrobat Install on Demand
AIODAssociation Internationale pour l'Ostéosynthèse Dynamique
AIODAutomatic Identified Outward Dialing
AIODAutomatic Identification Of Outward Dialing
AIODAorto-Iliac Occlusive Disease (aka Aorto-Iliac Obstructive Disease)
AIODApollo International of Delaware
AIODAssociation for Independent Oil Distributors
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The authors analyzed the most recent data in their attempt to recommend the preferable AIOD treatment.
The authors concluded that AIOD should be tackled through surgery because 5 years after treatment, patients who had undergone surgery had fewer issues with blocked lower-body arteries.
ABLAVAR[TM] provides distinct advantages over X-ray angiography, the current standard of care in diagnosing AIOD," said Mark G.
ABLAVAR[TM], as the first FDA-approved contrast agent for an MRA indication, is a welcome addition to the currently available options for diagnosing AIOD in patients with known or suspected peripheral vascular disease.