AIPPAAccess to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Zimbabwe law)
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And in fact in July 2011, we drew up an election roadmap and again the issue of AIPPA, POSA, Section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, and security sector reform came up.
He says not giving him the reforms he wants of the media, security sector, and of laws like POSA and AIPPA, means there is no level playing field.
And I am challenging them to come up with what is "draconian" about AIPPA.
POSA-and AIPPA put against the provisions of the Constitution and there is need to convince the people looking at the situation in Zimbabwe such as Sadc at the next summit that these issues have been constitutionalised and need to be actualised.
To reiterate my remarks in clarifying the US sanctions policy: While our humanitarian assistance is generous and you can count on it to remain generous, only when Zimbabwe's government restores the rule of law, conducts free and fair elections, puts military and police forces under effective civilian control, and repeals repressive legislation such as POSA and AIPPA, will we be prepared to extend our support more broadly.