AIPTAssociation for International Practical Training
AIPTAustralian Institute of Personal Trainers (Australia)
AIPTAssociazione Italiana Personal Trainer (Italian: Italian Personal Trainer Association; Italy)
AIPTAmerican Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (Hackensack, New Jersey)
AIPTArchitecture Integrated Product Team
AIPTAdvisory Integrated Process Team
AIPTAcquisition Integrated Product Team
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Histologically, the lung manifests AIPT in a variety of ways.
These inclusions are a manifestation of drug accumulation in the lungs and are not, by themselves, diagnostic of AIPT.
In addition to all of these mechanisms, unknown genetic factors might explain the occurrence of AIPT in only a fraction of patients receiving the drug.
AIPT is a clinicopathologic diagnosis of exclusion.
University students account for 45 percent of AIPT J-1 training visa program participants.
In order to meet the demand for J-1 training visa programs, AIPT has created the first online placement service, called PINPOINT (www.
AIPT arranges workplace exchanges in 80 professional fields, bringing employers and trainees together from 70 countries around the world.
To further help and train this international network, IBM relies on AIPT and its technical exchanges.
IBM has participated in the AIPT training programs in numerous locations: San Jose, CA; Yorktown Heights, NJ; TJ Watson Research Center, CA; Almaden Research Center, CA; Corbeil-Essonnes, France; and Haifa, Israel.
IAESTE and AIPT work together to provide worldwide training and internship opportunities.
AIPT specializes in the technology and hospitality markets.
As technologists, AIPTs can work chiefly on technical aspects of problems, while allowing the Air Force to adjudicate on the business and implementation aspects of projects that the technical teams develop.