AIQAnalytical Instrument Qualification
AIQAvailable in Quarters
AIQAutorité d'Investissement du Qatar (French: Qatar Investment Authority)
AIQAction Internet Québec
AIQAssociation des Indiens du Québec (French: Indian Association of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
AIQAllowance Item Quantity
AIQAtlas Informatisé de Quito (French: Computerized Atlas of Quito; Quito, Ecuador)
AIQAnalyst Interest Queue
AIQAlgebraic Integer Quantization
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Athletic identity was measured using the AIQ (Anderson, 2004).
AIQ joins content partners like Harvest Exchange, Morningstar, Kiplinger and Liberty Publishing in contributing to FMeX's content-as-a-service platform.
I expressed then my hope that AIQ would be more than merely collaborative--that it would be a cultural product, communitist in spirit.
According to AIQ, the financing is designed to provide growth capital to further expand AdviceIQ, an online directory of trusted financial advisors and publisher of syndicated personal finance content and advisor rankings.
AIQ is a managed service solution that targets improvement of network KPIs and network auditing.
According to the company, Total AIQ allows clients to reduce operational costs, minimize protocol administration burdens, and maintain control with traceability and streamlined support through one service provider.
However, AIQ will not promote or represent individual athletes in the recruiting process.
At the same time I would like to welcome Lloyd Lee, our incoming book review editor, to the AIQ staff.
AIQ is no longer a new journal; in the thirty-two years that have passed since Turnbull wrote that statement, AIQ has played a significant role in shaping, as well as reflecting, the debates and conversations of our field.