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AIRDAssociates for International Resources and Development (est. 1980)
AIRDAppraisal Institute Residential Database
AIRDAssociation of Ingersoll Rand Distributors
AIRDAsian Institute for Rural Development (India)
AIRDAssembly Implementation Requirements Document
AIRDATCCIS Information Resource Dictionary (US Army)
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Liverpool's Aird may also be in trouble over remarks to referee Sid Nathan after he had been ruled out in vhe fifth round.
The gang threatened them with knives as Mrs Aird held her two-year-old daughter Sabrina in her arms.
To carry off the glammed-up style, Aird advises mixing and matching sportswear with other items of clothing.
Mr Aird, who also set up a pounds 75,000 fund to build classrooms at Baginton Fields for children with autism, said: "Since I came to Coventry I have learnt that teaching children with disabilities is not just about national curriculum work.
Aird claimed the Ibrox outfit would love another crack at the Hoops after skipper Brown claimed keeper Craig Gordon was "bored" in the Old Firm game because Rangers gave him virtually nothing to do.
Aird faces four sex charges under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 209 - including causing a young child to participate in sexual activity.
Alastair Aird, said: We re delighted that Michael is joining us.
Lowry was a family friend of the Airds up until his death in 1976 and Mr Aird hung some of his more famous works - The Viaduct and Tanker Entering The Tyne - in his home.
Bizwiki was built by industry-veterans with years of business directory and meta-search experience behind them, including Keith Hinde, Matt Aird, Craig Sefton and Arthur Jenkins, who between them have helped develop directory and search products for Infospace, local directory publisher Thomson Directories, TradePage and Webcrawler.
Mr Aird said: "Students were enthusiastic, proactive, hands on and very dirty by the end of the day.
In 1999 Mr Aird achieved worldwide recognition by becoming a "guinea pig" for the first "bionic" arm.
Shaun Dodds, prosecuting said one allegation emerged after a woman told her husband Aird forcibly kissed her at a barbecue and the husband revealed what Aird had done to him when he was a child.