AIRRAmerican Indian Religious Rights (American Indian prisoners)
AIRRAmazon International Rainforest Reserve
AIRRAssociation of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (Missionary Independent Spiritual Church)
AIRRAmerican Indian Resource and Referral (online database)
AirRAirways Remodeling
AIRRAnnualized Internal Rate of Return (wealth management)
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The AIRR can generate substantially higher power levels in a smaller outline than traditional passive rectifiers and alternator regulators.
The AIRR combines a voltage regulator, which controls the output voltage of the alternator, with an active rectifier in one and the same module.
Bringing the AIRR to production is a milestone in the technology roadmap for automotive electrical power generation.
To develop the AIRR, IR combined its complete set of expertise in power systems design and manufacturing.
AIRR is a Colorado corporation principally engaged, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Spurlock Adhesives Inc.