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AIRTAssociazione Italiana Registri Tumori (Italian: Italian Association of Cancer Registries)
AIRTApplication for Incident Response Teams (computer security)
AIRTAdvanced Incident Response Tool
AIRTAutomation Impacts Research Testbed
AIRTAutism Intervention Research Trust (UK)
AIRTAirborne Infrared Transmissometer
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99) Mac Airt, 151-53: "Mairg do-chonnairc ceann Fiachaidh"; subsequent parenthetical references in the body text are to quatrain and line numbers.
En esta ocasion nos ha tocado ser miembro activo del Comite Cientifico de este XIV Congreso de la AIRT, experiencia compartida con Anil Verma -Coordinador-, Dennos Sulmont, Graciela Bensusan, Maria Lorena Cook y Russell Lansbury.
In one old Irish tale, Mac Airt is nourished by wolves and protected by horses; in another, the king is protected by wolves from the beginning.
There may also have been an introduction locally to the nearby mosslands in this airt for I well remember Ermine many years ago accompanying a colleague on to the mosses where we had been asked to pass comments on a proposal to extract peat commercially.
It's going to be another summer ruled by Davina and Dermot and listening to your mates provide a constant running commentary of their own lives going: "Dare airt.
The very uncommercial effort of Bob Quinn, undertaken in Caoineadh Airt Ui Laoire, at the behest of Official Sinn Fein, ultimately fares no better on the Marxist scorecard, "failing as it does to draw attention to policies and trends that have been damaging to historiography, the Irish language, the West of Ireland, the position of women and the working class .
Bajo el tema general "Integracion Global y Desafios para las Relaciones Industriales y la Administracion de Recursos Humanos en el Siglo XXI", se llevo a cabo del 28 de mayo al 2 de junio de 2000, el 12 Congreso Mundial de la AIRT en la ciudad de Tokio, centro de la politica, la economia y la cultura de Japon.
The FEATS transaction is placed on Rating Watch Negative, while the two AIRT transactions remain on Rating Watch Negative.
Then, to my amazement, I began seeing them in this airt.
That indeed is the airt from which problems creep up on you.
During the first 60 days of its bankruptcy, US Air is not required to make payments to support AIRT and many other aircraft financings.
If the Global Warmers have got it right, then the Somerset Levels will revert to the seabed and the Mr Fosters of that airt will all have to make like Noah with an ark.