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AIRYAssociation for International Relations in Yamagata
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Into this fine box the groom put me; it was clean, sweet, and airy.
I had called to him to stop, when I saw the figure of the child pause on its airy course.
It is this ray which propels the inherent or reflected light of the planet off into space, and when confined gives to the Martian craft their airy buoyancy.
I know of no more delightful sensation than that of riding in one of these luxuriously appointed cars which skim, light and airy as feathers, along the soft, mossy avenues of Marentina.
The summer house itself, so airy and so broken, is like one of those old tales, imperfectly remembered; and these living branches of the Baldwin apple tree, thrusting so rudely in, are like your unwarrantable interpolations.
Hither I come, From my airy home, Afar in the silver moon.
What time upon her airy bounds I hung One half the garden of her globe was flung Unrolling as a chart unto my view - Tenantless cities of the desert too
Shadowing more beauty in their airy brows Than have the white breasts of the Queen of Love.
597-608) Set your slaves to winnow Demeter's holy grain, when strong Orion (28) first appears, on a smooth threshing-floor in an airy place.
I confess to you, my friend, that I love you and that in my airy dreams of futurity you have been my constant friend and companion.
She looked forward to our union with placid contentment, not unmingled with a little fear, which past misfortunes had impressed, that what now appeared certain and tangible happiness might soon dissipate into an airy dream and leave no trace but deep and everlasting regret.
Back your opinion, Sergeant," I concluded, in an airy way.