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AISAAfghanistan Investment Support Agency
AISAAfrica Institute of South Africa
AISAAmerican Indian Student Association
AISAAssociation of International Schools in Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)
AISAAlabama Independent School Association
AISAAmerican Institute for Shippers' Associations, Inc.
AISAAmerican International School of Abu-Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
AISAArtificial Intelligence Smart Agents
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While announcing their resignations, the experts branded their chief as incompetent and said: "The first step in the fight against corruption has been initiated at AISA.
Asking the president to look into the agency affairs to prevent fund embezzlement, the officials accused AISA head Wafiullah Mukhtar of knowing little about how to lure investments and making appointments in disregard of merit.
As with THCG, companies with multiple, remote locations can use AISA to interface in `real-time' with critical corporate information anywhere in the world.
It is a shame that the person under whose leadership the Gujarat genocide took place is being allowed to use the legitimacy of academic spaces like Delhi University for his fascist ends and his prime ministerial ambitions," said Sunny Kumar of AISA.
In an open letter to the committee probing the case, Afghan Coalition for Transparency and Accountability (ACTA) said the crisis of such nature in AISA that had a key role in the country's economic growth was a matter of deep concern.
AISA is the largest surety company in Mexico with a 40% market share.
Another issue is the four- year undergraduate programme ( FYUP) on which AISA even held a referendum, results of which said that students do not want the new academic format.
President Mbeki's government is the first to admit its unhappiness about "the benefits" not having trickled down to all and sundry, but even Prof Habib conceded at the AISA conference that "clearly South Africa is a far better place today than where we were in 1994", a view shared by Naledi Maaroganye, a 27-year-old policeman: "There is room for improvement," he says, "but the country can't be perfect in 10 years.
The rating actions reflect AISA and Aserta's excellent risk-adjusted capitalization, strong underwriting results and favorable historical investment income.
Saurabh Kumar Sharma helped the ABVP to make the comeback as he emerged victorious in the fight to the joint secretary's post by defeating the AISA candidate by 28 votes.
AISA Finance Director Sjambiri Lioe said that they had set a target of acquiring a 90 to 100 percent stake in a Vietnamese food company and a majority stake in a Malaysian food company.
Earlier, a few members of AISA who were protesting were detained.