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AISCAmerican Institute of Steel Construction
AISCArtificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation (conference)
AISCAssociazione Italiana di Scienze Cognitive
AISCAustralasian Information Security Conference
AISCAssessment and Information Services Center
AISCArmy Information Systems Command
AISCThe Art Institute of Southern California
AISCAcademic Information Services Cooperative
AISCAssociation d'Infirmiers Spécialisés ou Compétents
AISCAdelaide Indoor Sports Centre (Australia)
AISCAcquisition Interim Support
AISCAustralian Institute for Steel Construction
AISCAvalon Integrated Services Corporation
AISCArmy Information Service Center (DISA Western Regional Center)
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Orvana 2015 Costs Orvana's COC and AISC on a by-product basis (net of copper and silver by-product revenue from El Valle and the Don Mario Mine) per ounce of gold sold in fiscal 2015 are estimated to be approximately $948 and $1,210, respectively, compared to COC and AISC (by-product) of $771 and $1,015, respectively in fiscal 2014[sup.
3% in AISC over the first quarter of 2014 (28% reduction year on year)
AISC is a joint venture of Atheeb Trading Company, Saudi Arabia and Intergraph Corporation, US which supplies, installs and supports Intergraph systems throughout the kingdom.
Clearly the coalition with the AISC works to the benefit of the Conservatives but Coun Pate is confident that the day of the independent will come to an end in May.
This new edition is compatible with the 2011 AISC code as well as marginal references to the AISC manual for design examples and illustrations, which was seen as a real advantage by the survey respondents.
The increases in COC and AISC were primarily due higher mining costs associated with timing of product sales, lower grades and lower by-product revenue.
Galambos has had a leading role in the development of AISC, AISI, SJI and ASCE-7 Standards.
As the basis of the Sabic Technical Information Management System (STIMS) project, Sabic standardised on the SmartPlant Enterprise and will use the full portfolio of engineering design and data management solutions to create a truly integrated enterprise-wide design environment, says Khaja Mukarramuddin, branch manager of AISC.
isolated and climate-controlled paint shop which is AISC certified with a P1-Sophisticated Paint Endorsement," he added.
Finally, our outlook for the year remains strong, with 20% plus growth in production and significant year-over-year reductions in cash cost and AISC, and we continue to maintain a strong balance sheet with $35 million of net working capital and no debt.
Intuitively Design Concrete Beams to Eurocode and Steel Beams to AISC - Users can model and analyze a complete 2D frame and design each individual beam, all within the single integrated calculations, saving time and eliminating the need to design each beam in a separate calculation.
37 per ounce ("oz") of silver ("Ag") net of gold ("Au") by-product sales; Costerfield achieved cash costs and AISC of $608 and $884 per gold equivalent ("Au Eq.