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AISGAmerican Insurance Services Group
AISGAmerican International School of Guangzhou (China)
AISGAdvanced Information Systems Group, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
AISGAmerican Iraqi Solutions Group
AISGThe American International School in Genoa (Italy)
AISGAuto Insurance Services Group
AISGAUTODIN Intersite Gateway
AISGAir Defense Artillery Implementation Sub-Group (US Army)
AISGAntenna Interface Standards Group Ltd. (England, UK)
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Being named the fastest-growing integrator in North America is an incredible acknowledgement of the success AISG has earned over the last few years," said AISG President and Chief Technical Officer Levy Acs.
With the growing involvement of the international oil companies in south Iraq, AISG is well positioned to provide the exact services these multinationals require to succeed in marketing what we believe are the largest oil and gas reserves in the world," Andress concluded.
order time-sensitive key items so AISG would not end up defaulting on
As the premier security systems integrator in the solar market, AISG has extensive experience protecting these vast sites.
The SN65HVD62 provides a direction output, for easy control of half-duplex, RS-485 transceivers, such as the SN65HVD72, which is compatible with the 115-kbps signaling rate used in AISG networks.
AISG net sales were $527 million, compared to $547 million in the fourth quarter of 2011 and $620 million in the first quarter of 2011.
3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 15, 2012, facing down insurgent attacks and a diminishing US military presence, AISG Construction completed a permanent health clinic with twelve treatment rooms serving 4,000 local citizens of Khan Neshin District - dead center in the "homeland" of the Taliban.
The TMA2053 is a dual duplex, AISG controlled TMA that amplifies uplink signal from mobile subscribers in both the 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz bands while allowing downlink signals to pass through with very low insertion loss.
The AISG product group, which includes microcontroller, analog and sensor products, will be led by Senior Vice President and General Manager Reza Kazerounian.
CommScope supplied Teletilt[R] base station antennas with AISG 2.
She is a past board member of the Society of Registered Professional Adjusters, National Insurance Crime Bureau, AISG and the American Insurance Association.
The RCU can be optionally configured with three remote electrical tilt antenna controllers, providing standard AISG interfaces for monitoring and controlling AISG 1.