AISHEAll Ireland Society for Higher Education
AISHEAuditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education (Committee on Sustainability in Higher Education; Netherlands)
AISHEAcute Intraoperative Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage or Effusion (eyes)
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Finalizamos el estudio del Proyecto AISHE indicando que existen varias razones que justifican su puesta en funcionamiento.
Criterios disenados en el Proyecto AISHE CRITERIOS 1.
This is the Assessment Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education (Measurement Instrument for Sustainability of High Education), called AISHE Project, an instrument developed by the Dutch organization DHO, (Stichting Duurzaam Hoger Onderwijs--Foundation for Sustainable Higher Education).
The AISHE project's origins date back to 2000 in Holland.
To carry out the AISHE Project, it was based on the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM model).
AISHE Project addresses the four functions of institutions of higher education.
AISHE Project has been tested using the valuations of various experts, the questionnaires prepared for the various groups involved (management, teachers, students, etc.
In order to standardize the implementation of the AISHE an evaluation procedure project has been published, stressing over the same the following: group of about fifteen people representative of the entire staff of the educational institution, evaluation is possible if participants have basic knowledge on sustainable development, etc.
Participants in the same can obtain a certificate of AISHE auditor.
Wth respect to certification, educational programs to reach it must be subjected to an evaluation by AISHE.
As noted above, participation in the AISHE project is not limited to universities, as it enables other higher education institutions to be part of it.