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AISIAmerican Iron and Steel Institute
AISIAfrican Information Society Initiative
AISIAlberta Initiative for School Improvement (Canada)
AISIAsosiasi Industri Sepeda Motor Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Motorcycle Industries Association; Jakarta, Indonesia)
AISIAmerican International Supply, Inc (Oakland, CA)
AISIAirborne Instrumentation Subsystem - Internal
AISIAirborne Instrumentation System - Internal
AISIAutomatic Integrated Survey Instrument
AISIAssociazione Industrie Software Interattivo
AISIArmy Information System Integration (US Army)
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AISI provides machine vision solutions for automated process control and visual inspection.
The AISI vision equipment has been selected for exclusive use on the K&S 1474 and 1488 Turbo wire bonders.
Project selections depend on a number of factors, including the prospects for long term impact on the industry; steel industry engagement and joint funding and results for the AISI standards development committee, the student and the academic institution.
The cast AISI CF-8 handles have a sand-blasted matt finish and integral eccentric cam for comfort and ease of operation.
So, how do you know when your AISI needs contractor service?
Key words: fracture, AISI 304, AISI 316L, CT specimen, J-integral, FE analysis
O aco-ferramenta AISI D2 possui composicao quimica nominal (% em massa) de 1,59% C, 0,34% Mn, 0,29% Si, 0,02% P 0,006% S, 11,20% Cr, 0,56% Mo e 0,94% V, tendo sido recebido no estado recozido.
The OAU gave UNECA the mandate of spearheading the AISI agenda.
The team had to petition AISI to change the word "Steel" inside the Steelmark to "Steelers.
If you continue to operate the AISI in an INFO 26 condition or with expired batteries, you risk total loss of the AISI's memory or AISI failure.