AISRAcademic Information Services and Research (Thomas Jefferson University)
AISRAmerican International School of Rotterdam
AISRAirborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
AISRAmerican International School-Riyadh (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
AISRAeronautical Information System Replacement
AISRAvon Independent Sales Representative
AISRAsynchronous Insert Synchronous Remove (multi-threaded programming)
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Faced with enduring AISR requirements to support today's global missions, we modified architectures and tactics, techniques, and procedures to execute PED of forward deployed collection from CONUS by using reach capabilities.
Phil Gloudemans, AISR, 401-863-3552, philip_gloudemans@brown.
In contrast to conventional relaxation tests carried out at a constant temperature, the temperature in the AISR test rises continuously at a defined heating rate, allowing the determination of the maximum service temperature and relaxation spectrum of the sample material.
They underpin the overall AISR 2020 strategy (illustrated in Figure 2), which is synchronized with current Defense Planning Guidance and optimized to mitigate operational gaps not satisified by other joint ISR systems.
Current and future AISR sensing capabilities include:
This family of interoperable sensors will be hosted on a variety of AISR platforms, including:
AISR Ground Station Support provides an intelligence system housed in specially modified aircraft.
One of the company's key offerings is its "quick-reaction" capability to integrate new intelligence tools and resources that keep the AISR program current and enable field commanders to act rapidly on warfighter threats.
We are pleased to offer our unique insight into AISR technical requirements, critical deadlines, and required skillsets to help the Army deliver accurate and timely intelligence that protects and supports our troops.
Timely, assured, persistent, and responsive AISR support is especially critical to the BCT and subordinate ground commanders' ability to execute their assigned missions in all operational environments-this is where the risk is the greatest.
Counter-concealment sensor capability for AISR supports those needs, specifically by detecting concealed targets and lines of communications.
The AISR layer capabilities must provide BCT and lower level commanders the ability to persistently monitor their area of interest and rapidly identify potential threats, such as individuals of interest who are attempting to blend into the civilian population, IEDs, and small teams of irregular forces.