AISSAutomated Information Systems Security
AISSAssociation Internationale de la Sécurité Sociale (French: International Association of Social Security; Switzerland)
AISSAustralian International School Singapore (Singapore)
AISSApple Internet Server Solution
AISSAirborne Information Systems Squadron
AISSAutomated Inventory Support Systems (US Department of Homeland Security)
AISSAutomated Information Support System
AISSAssociation Internationale Six "S"
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Asociacion Internacional de Seguridad Social (AISS), Hacia un mundo mas seguro: resultados de la Iniciativa de la AISS.
The rich experience we have acquired over the past, strategic partnership with world leaders in the security industry and our commitment to the quality are some of the advantages with AISS.
Patients who received AIS had an infection rate of 6% per procedure, compared with 16.
The AIS maintained by Infoage is automated in the main office, the warehouse, and the outlets.
AISS fielded another successful Las Vegas show in September 2002, but concerns over price and availability of space necessitated a more workable solution.
And like the other organizations, the 6004th AISS continued to grow too.
In many cases, the AISs of investees do change when VCIs become involved, not only with respect to performance measurement but also with respect to control and decision-making functions.
The accounting profession recognizes the need for increased security over AISs.
The resulting 9-item AISS (Appendix 1) had fairly high and consistent Pearson's correlations to the total scale score (r=.
From a service perspective, the AISS should give the Air Force a better grasp of threat systems and how its EW suites will counter those threats, according to Rob McConkey of the AISS.
This will allow us to concentrate on what we do best while providing AISS with new opportunities to flourish as part of an organization solely focused on this service.