AISTAdvanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
AISTNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
AISTAssociation for Iron and Steel Technology (Warrendale, PA)
AISTAgency of Industrial Science and Technology
AISTAssociation of Independent Schools of Tasmania
AISTAutomatic Information Station
AISTAir Intelligence Support Team
AISTAmerican Institute of Science and Technology
AISTAllergy and Immunology Society of Thailand
AISTAmerican International Sports Tournament
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Moreover, Honda and AIST jointly developed an intuitive remote-control interface.
AIST said the research team focused on the inert gas used as atmosphere within the furnace, resolving bottleneck problems by replacing argon with mixed helium gas.
AIST said the new magazine is designed to assist those readers who develop strategies to improve process reliability, product quality and company profits.
The IBM win at AIST comes hot on the heels of another big win for AMD last week, when the Chinese National Center for Intelligent Computing Systems announced a 10 teraflops grid cluster called Red Grid that would be based on 2,192 Opteron processors.
Tokyo, Dec 6, 2012 - (JCN) - Furukawa Electric and AIST have produced polymer-free carbon nanotube fibers with with the world's highest electrical conductivity using a wet-spinning method.
The AIST Institute in Tsukuba has discovered that using patients' neural stem cells can overcome shortage of insulin-producing cells without the need for gene transfer to treat diabetes.
In addition to supporting implementation efforts related to the AIST, it is playing a leadership role in establishing collaboration between African scientists in the Diaspora and Africa-based scientists to enhance transfers of knowledge and promote the diffusion and assimilation of technology
NIST hopes to continue this collaboration with AIST and begin stacking the junctions for lumped arrays.
AIST is an advanced public research institute involved in industrial technology fields.
Attiqur Rehman, postdoctoral research fellow at AIST, as saying.
3M) and institutional players (US Government, University of Chicago Argonne, AIST (JP), University of Osaka)