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The AIT format continues to evolve and coincide with the growing needs of both small to mid-sized business users, while scaling up to meet the ever-expanding needs of enterprise customers," said Sund.
Industry Support -- AIT was created by Sony, one of the co-inventors of the Digital Data Storage (DOS) tape format, and AIT is an open technology supported by more than 27 partners, including HP/Compaq, Qualstar, Advanced Digital Information Corp.
In the fall of 2001, Sony also debuted a new 'super' tape storage product line, based on the AIT recording technology, which it expects to deliver to the market by the end of 2002.
Aimed at workgroup departmental server applications rather than midrange and enterprise markets targeted by AIT and Mammoth, DDS-4 provides 20GB of native capacity on a single DAT cartridge while boosting data rate performance to 3MB/sec.
This devotion to his customers is evident in the supplying of his personal e-mail address and phone number to all AIT customers.
Sony developed AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) in 1996.
The technology behind AIT tape provides a very practical and attractive storage alternative--it's very affordable tape technology that has access times (less than 30 seconds to a file) that make it a real alternative to active disk storage in many applications.
Qualstar introduced the first AIT tape libraries over ten years ago.
In 1998, Sony introduced AIT2, the second drive on the AIT product roadmap, featuring a native capacity of 50GB and 6MB/sec data rate.
com), in keeping with the spirit of the holidays, has announced its latest Holiday Promotion - a FREE Home Computer or PDA with purchase of an AIT Hosting Account, from now through January 1, 2007.
Perhaps foremost is the Memory In Chip (MIC) capability that is available on AIT cartridges.