AITFAll In The Family
AITFArt Information Task Force
AITFAmerican International Toy Fair
AITFAvian Influenza Task Force (various locations)
AITFAzerbaijan International Travel & Tourism Fair
AITFAmmunition Initiatives Task Force
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The American government is one of the largest contributors to the AITF, with $417.
The development of PHO has benefitted tremendously from the excellent work of the AITF.
The AITF and PITF ligaments normally have a bandlike appearance.
It is expected that contributions to the AITF will grow to more than $ 800 million, on a cumulative basis by 2015.
Rei Safavi-Naini, AITF (formerly iCORE) Chair in Information Security, University of Calgary, Canada - Dr.
The pilot comprises the first 'real-world' trial, where the concept moved out of a university simulation environment to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, and is part of the "Smart Condo(TM)" initiative, a multi-year, research collaboration with the IBM Alberta Centre for Advanced Studies, professors and students from six faculties at the University of Alberta, as well as NSERC, OLSONET, AITF, Health Sciences Education and Research Commons and the Government of Alberta.