AITNAssociazione Italiana Tecnici Neurofisiopatologia (Italian: Italian Association of Technical Neurophysiopathology)
AITNArizona-International Telemedicine Network (est. 1992)
AITNArmy Interoperability Test Network
AITNAir Interdiction Target Nomination
AITNAlloimmune Thrombocytopenia of the Newborn
AITNAdvanced Interoperability Test Network (telecommunications)
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Tools are supplied with AITN coating, and are available uncoated from stock also.
ARRIS contributes its integration and scaling experience learned from supporting millions of lines of deployed cable telephony, along with its PacketCable expertise from its success in DOCSIS certification and qualifications and participation in the PacketCable AITN and 45 other PacketCable based VoIP trials.
While CableLabs has not qualified any PacketCable product to date, the AITN consists of vendors with the most advanced implementations of PacketCable specifications and is used for system interoperability testing.