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Best believes that AIL and AIUK will report strong pre-tax profits in 2008.
Best's opinion, AIL and AIUK benefit from Aspen's profile, which has developed as a result of the range of business written and its wide spread of branch operations.
In addition, Aspen has continued to balance the spread of business between its two main operating entities, AIUK and its sister company, Aspen Insurance Limited (AIL) (Bermuda), through the use of intra-group quota share arrangements.
Best believes that AIUK is likely to maintain excellent performance in 2007, supported by a benign year for U.
BesteIUs opinion, AIUK benefits from an excellent business profile based on its well established book of property and casualty reinsurance, primary U.
These measures help compensate for the potential volatility incurred due to the proportion of property reinsurance transferred to AIUK in 2006 as a result of a reciprocal quota share arrangement with AHL's Bermudan operation, Aspen Insurance Limited (AIL).