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AIVAvian Influenza Virus
AIVAluminum-Intensive Vehicle
AIVAggregate Impact Value (engineering)
AIVAnnée Internationale des Volontaires (French)
AIVAssociazione Italiana del Vuoto (Italian Vacuum Association)
AIVAdministrator Intervention against Vandalism (Wikimedia Foundation editing policy)
AIVAlternative Inter VLC
AIVApproches Interdisciplinaires du Vivant (French: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life)
AIVArmored Infantry Vehicle
AIVAcoustic Induced Vibration
AIVAviation Impact Variable
AIVAlternative Investment Vehicle
AIVAssociation de l'Ingénierie du Vent (French: Association of Wind Engineering)
AIVAvionics Integrated Verification
AIVArchitecten-en Ingenieursbureau Vanacker (Dutch: Architects and Engineers Vanacker; Belgium)
AIVAccelerated Inverse Voltage
AIVAccumulated Investment Value
AIVAssociazione Italiana di Vulcanologia (Italian Association of Volcanology)
AIVApplication Industrielle du Vide (French: Industrial Vacuum Application)
AIVAfrique in Visu (photography)
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The selected governorates represent the main foci of the poultry industry in Egypt and sites of previous AIV detection (11).
While many studies examine how AIV predicts future market returns, few have investigated the asset pricing implications of the covariance of IDVOL for the cross-section of returns of individual stocks.
Studies to reproduce the preening-mediated AIV infection mechanism in the animal model are in progress.
In order to address this question, the antibody levels to inactivated H5N2 AIV vaccine were examined in three chicken groups with different Mx alleles which conferred differential antiviral activities to AIV.
In four hearts, the AIV terminated as three to four branches near the incisura on the acute margin.
TROVAC AIV H5 is the only USDA licensed avian influenza vaccine for administration to chickens at one day of age.
Several studies have shown that apo AIV can be found as the free form or associated mainly with HDL, but also with TRLs (3,14-21).
Cloacal and oropharyngeal swab samples were collected from each bird and tested for AIV by using matrix (M)-specific reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) and, if positive, for H5 and H7 subtypes by using hemagglutinin (HA)-specific RT-PCR.
Alcoa, however, has shifted away from promoting AIVs to the industry, so the concept is on the shelf until someone expresses interest in this type of flexible vehicle.
In a deal valued at $910 million, by the end of 1998 Insignia Financial Services, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as INF, will be merged with the Denver-based Apartment Investment & Management Company (AIMCO) traded on the NYSE under AIV, and then Insignia/ESG will be spun off into a new, publicly traded company.
5) The products of apo AI, CIII, and AIV genes, together with apo All, are the major protein components of high-density lipoproteins (HDLs).
Muldengestellung, removal and partial recycling of bulky waste, construction waste, waste wood AIV, cardboard and scrap metal.