AIYArtificial Intelligence Yourself (Google)
AIYAssemble It Yourself
AIYActive Islamic Youth
AIYAlternatives for Independent Youth (New York)
AIYAtlantic City, New Jersey - Municipal (airport code)
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AIY said the new partnership with Box Digital Media will allow greater focus and expansion capabilities of the company's graphic designers and publishers working with programmers, data analysts, coders and client service executives across a greater network.
Add Google's AIY voice kit, and your project will have the ability to recognize people, animals, objects, and voices.
Their model demonstrated that the interneurons AIY and AIZ respectively were primarily responsible for "up" and "down" gradient movements.
Knowing that AWA and AWC chemosensory neurons connect strongly with the thermosensory interneurons, AIY and AIZ, this point of convergence was selected for study.
Since mutants defective in the thermosensory pathway neurons AFD, AIY and AIZ still showed normal thermal avoidance responses, the thermal avoidance mechanism was presumed to involve a separate pathway from thermotaxis.
Results also suggest that differences exist within the neuronal circuits involving the AWA and AWC neurons even though both show strong synapses with AIY and AIZ (2).
ttx-3 is continuously expressed in AIY from mid-embryogenesis throughout adulthood and is required to maintain its own expression, suggesting that ttx-3 may also act in a neural maintenance pathway for AIY.