AIZArbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung (German: Workers Pictorial Newspaper; est. 1924; publication; Germany and Prague)
AIZAssociazione Italiana Zincatura (Italian: Italian Galvanizing Association; Italy)
AIZAllgemeine Immobilien Zeitung (German: General Real Estate Newspaper)
AIZLake of the Ozarks, Missouri (Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport)
AIZAir Intercept Zone
AIZAnti Imperialistische Zelle(n) (German: Anti-Imperialistic Cell; now defunct terrorist group)
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The objective of the Project is to assist potential investors to commence business ventures by providing for required infrastructure and utilities at the AIZ.
Approximately, 25 acres of the AIZ will be developed initially.
Heartfield of course at times did a certain amount of hectoring in endeavoring to get the readers of AIZ to vote a certain way or to protest what was happening in Germany.
Heartfield's response was a masterful montage in AIZ that depicts the exhibition, in which a good many of his most biting images are shown, while, in the blank spaces left by the removed ones, the viewer sees the walls of a prison and a man with head wounds lying bleeding in the street.
Shanghai ACSP, the main part of Shanghai Jiading AIZ, encourages investment in auto parts and automobile-related industries.
Fitch's updated view is that AIZ's health operating entities, TIC and JALIC, are 'Important' as a strategic category to AIZ and receive one notch of uplift from their standalone ratings in the context of Fitch's group rating methodology.
Understanding the effect of the reform rules for AIZ and the industry, as they have yet to be firmly established, including the specifics of the calculation of the medical loss ratio (MLR).
Fitch believes the investigation is a management distraction and it has the potential to result in material fines or penalties to AIZ.
On Aug 14, AIZ declared a quarterly cash dividend of 12 cents per common share of stock.
AIZ stated that its annualized operating return on equity for the first quarter 2007 was 18.
Assurant, a Fortune 500 company, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIZ.
With the relocation of the AIZ after BE[micro]nn-RE[micro]ttgen requires an extension of the existing building complex, the Andreas Hermes Academy, in the form of a free-standing training and seminar building - the "House of Learning" - which blends in harmoniously in the park-like open spaces.