AJAZAmerican Jewish Alternatives to Zionism (New York, NY)
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Rukhsar Bashier, Tanweer Razak, Piotr Izbicki and Ajaz Arif were all embroiled in a "well organised, well planned and well thought out criminal conspiracy" to set up Turn to Page 2 AJAZ ARIF: of more than cannabis factories in Middlesbrough.
PAYMASTER: Rukhsar Bashier got 11 years; MAIN PLAYER: Tanweer Razak, right, got 11 years; PIOTR IZBICKI: Got six years; AJAZ ARIF: Got four and a half years
AJAZ KHAN & ALI QULI MIRZA Foul players OCCASIONAL quarrels definitely invite attention on reality shows but Ajaz Khan and Ali Quli Mirza took the idea to another level by getting embroiled in a fist fight, which untimely led to the former's eviction from the Bigg Boss house.