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AJEAssociation des Journalistes Européens (French: Association of European Journalists; Belgium)
AJEAssociation Jeunesse et Entreprises (French: Youth and Business Association)
AJEAdjusting Journal Entry (accounting)
AJEAssociation of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe
AJEAssociation des Journalistes de l'Environnement (French: Association of Journalists of the Environment)
AJEAssociation Jeunes Errants (French: Errant Youth Association)
AJEAssociation Jeunesse Education (French: Youth Education Association)
AJEAssociation des Juristes de l'État (French; Quebec, Canada)
AJEAssociation Junior Études (French: Junior Studies Association)
AJEAfrican Joint Effort (ILO/WHO Joint Effort on Occupational Health and Safety in Africa)
AJEAlliance for Jewish Education
AJEAnti-Jam Equipment
AJEAmerican Journal of Epidemiology
AJEAl Jazeera English (TV channel; Qatar)
AJEAmerican Journal of Education
AJEAircraft Jet Engine
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It is fitting that one of the laws of Aje is "Do not dabble in herbalism" (Opeola 15).
Although the relatively few Americans using the GlobeCast satellite dish service (a subsidiary of France Telecom), which is required to view the channel in the States, can watch AJE, it can also be streamed through broadband internet from Al Jazeera's website.
It's easier to watch Al Jazeera English on TV in Israel, where the Yes satellite network dumped BBC World in favor of AJE, than it is here.
Aje the "daughters" of Oduduwa, are said to oversee creation and destruction, divination, healing, and the power of the word.
The June 15 AJE study looked at 8,863 white children age 8 to 12 in 22 North American communities and finds a weak correlation between prenatal smoking and first-trimester harm to the fetal lungs.
Residents of areas largely populated by immigrants are often isolated from the broader Swedish society, social anthropologist Aje Carlbom of Malmoe University told AFP.
Xtraice, already holds an AJE prize on a local level and has now impressed the demanding jury on a national level with its results and externalisation methods, convincing them of its ability to reach more than 50 countries, creating at the same time greater wealth and employment within Spain.
Turkish is the eighth language to be offered since AJE began translation services in 2009.
His appointment as Managing Director signifies Al Jazeera's continued commitment to positioning AJE as a global leader in international news and groundbreaking content.
We would never tolerate any content being "artificially created" for AJE.
Scotsman Neil Foulkes will co-drive for him at Croft, but it will be a real family affair for Abi with brother Aje on the spanners and their dad Paul a vital part of the team too.