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The platform is one of the two pillars of the AJIS project to help Japanese local authorities as well as companies to increase foreign customers and improve hospitality services.
As its mission, AJIS aims at contributing to "regional revitalization and development of startups and smaller companies," and assisting internationalization of local authorities and companies as well as smaller businesses.
AJIS Appear is an automated voice messaging system that integrates with existing jury management systems and provides an outbound calling component to remind jurors of their reporting date and inform them about revised reporting times, dates or cancellations.
On average, courts that deploy the AJIS Appear system can reduce their failed juror appearance rates by as much as 30 percent.
As one of its first major projects, The Center for Cultural Judaism republished AJIS 2001 and mailed it to nearly 30,000 leaders in the Jewish communal world, academia, philanthropy and Jewish education.
The establishment of The Center for Cultural Judaism is the first major organizational change on the American Jewish scene in reaction to emerging new insights into American Jewish demography, as cited in AJIS 2001.