AJJAAustralian Ju-Jitsu Association (martial arts)
AJJAAmateur Ju-Jitsu Academy (UK)
AJJAArkansas Ju-Jitsu Association
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kampai vaena laya, a-nissiya nissiya u a-kkhobha | iya samani a-kkhobha sagari-nisseyara bhaiya || dohi vi pakkhehi su-samvuyana taha vi gihi nisam icchanti | bahu-samgahiya ajja, hoi thira inda-latthi va || patthinto vi ya sankai, patthijjanto vi sankai balino | sena vaha ya sobhai, bala-vai-gutta tah ajja vi || sunna pasu-samghaya, dubbala-govit ya kassa na vitakka | iya dubbala-nissa-nissiya va ajja vitakkao || BKBh 2437-40 A creeper is shaken by the wind when it is not supported [by a tree].
Likewise, the nuns will be coveted if in the refuge of a weak person, or without a refuge at all" (sunna pasu-samghaya, dubbala-gova ya kassa na vitakka | iya dubbala-nissa-nissiya va ajja vitakkao || BKBh 2437-40).
These partners include Access International, Actium, AJJA, Applied Knowledge, CHASEE Integrated Systems, Client Server Associates, Computer Technology Associates, Deloitte Consulting, Dynamic Data Solutions, GDI, Greenbrier & Russel, Inc.
of Ajja to the south of Jenin, searched it and interrogated the residents.
There are more than 70 ICP partners including: Ajja, Nexgen SI, Inc.
JENIN, March 1, 2011 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces Tuesday broke into several houses in Ajja, a village south of Jenin.
Scharf joins Fulcrum from AJJA Information Technology Consultants in Ottawa, where he was vice president of consulting business development.
Scharf joined AJJA in 1990 as vice president of business development, and he oversaw significant growth in the company's revenues.
Among the leading vendors showcasing the latest software, services, solutions and systems will be 3Com, AJJA, AT&T, Bell Nexxia, Cabletron Systems, Compaq, Corel, Duocom, EDS Systemhouse, Information Builders, Loran, LGS, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Nortel Networks, Oracle, Panasonic, PC Docs, SAP, SAS Institute, and Sun Microsystems.