AJLIAssociation of Junior Leagues International Inc.
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Empowering parents with useful information to help keep their children safe -- and especially in this exciting new way -- reflects our mission of improving communities and the welfare of children and families," said Sandi Kemmish, AJLI President.
The Junior Leagues are determined to remain in the forefront of this struggle to enable children to take proper care of their bodies and control their future health," said AJLI President, Sandi Kemmish.
This is the fourth year that AJLI and Crest Whitestrips, an innovative at-home tooth whitening system, have teamed up to recognize and reward those Junior Leagues that show exceptional talent for developing programs that build effective leadership skills and behaviors.
In yet another demonstration of a Midtown tenant taking advantage of the economic incentive packages and relocating to downtown Manhattan, the AJLI has committed to a full-floor, totaling 10,877 s/f at 90 William Street.
Mounting a national public-awareness campaign was a galvanizing force within AJLI, and it can be within your association, too.
Delly Beekman, AJLI President, said, "The Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award is the most prestigious honor we bestow upon an individual League member.
43) To sum up, what happens by chance must therefore be something which occurs for the sake of something (min ajli shay'), whether it be according to choice or nature.
AJLI, based in New York City, has 285 affiliates, representing 200,000 women, in four countries.
With her unbounded energy and singular dedication, September has demonstrated a tremendous potential for community leadership that should benefit JLLA for years to come," said Delly Beekman, AJLI President.
Lieberman has received several awards for her professional accomplishments, including the National Women in Communication Clarion Award in 2000 for Safe Homes Safe Communities: The AJLI Resource Guide for Ending Domestic Violence.
On this point see, Taha Abdel-Rahman, Hiwarat min ajli l'Mustaqbal (Casablanca: Matba at al-Najah Al-Jadida, 2000), 107-09.
According to Fidler, the groups AJLI concentrates on are racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.