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The Teaching Reading Report's selection of topics and related research was more narrow than topics found in the AJLL archive and the NRP Report, although both the Teaching Reading and NRP reports focused on experimental reading research.
Classroom realities are quite extensively documented in the AJLL 20002005 archive that, combined with other research sources, can inform policy by contributing to a comprehensive range of research approaches that provide various kinds of evidence and insights into effective practices and critical issues facing literacy educators today.
This variety is reflected in the AJLL 2000-2005 archive, where we found several definitions of literacy in terms of its scope, media and modes, as overviewed in Table 2.
Settings, participants and approaches involved in AJLL 2000-2005 archive
In exploring methodologies used to produce knowledge in the AJLL 2000-2005 archive, we sought to understand how these approaches relate to the 'gold standard' approaches advocated in recent literacy policy initiatives.
The type of research setting in the AJLL 2000-2005 studies is dominated by primary school settings (71%, including the 7% of studies that combined primary and secondary schools); and teachers and students are participants in the large majority (80%) of reported studies.
Lack of specificity in these AJLL studies inadvertently may make the 'all children' frame easier to hold sway, instead of more specifically acknowledging and demonstrating the significance of diversity in literacy education.
As such, this AJLL body of research helps address recent calls for literacy research and policy to take account of classroom realities by basing 'theories and empirical interventions on an adequate description of the materials and activities that are found in contemporary educational settings' (Freebody, 2007, p.
However, research approaches reported in the AJLL 2000-2005 archive by and large do not meet the so-called 'gold standard' of 'evidence-based'/'scientific' research defined by commissioned reports and legislations such as Teaching Reading Report, the NRP Report and No Child Left Behind--hence their exclusion from these particular policy initiatives.
Returning to the AJLL archive, most of the archive's research studies do not make links to a priority of recent policy initiatives--that is, improved student literacy outcomes, as previously noted.
Key issues emerging across the AJLL 2000-2005 archive
The many articles in the AJLL 2002-2005 archive were clearly aiming to achieve this goal.