AJOLAfrican Journals Online (South Africa)
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is a California-based holding company whose primary asset is AJOL of Tokyo, Japan.
As of May 28, 2004, advance payments and orders from members are received and administered by a third party, Kamome Benefit Club, rather than AJOL and are classified as restricted cash.
Ohkubo added, "While we continue to invest in our core AJOL business to improve distributor training and develop new products and services to increase revenues, our overall strategic goal remains to seek additional innovative technologies to acquire or license as part of our growth plan.
Hideo Ohkubo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PPOL, stated, "We believe that there will be no material adverse affect on the day-to-day operations of AJOL in connection with Mr.
If we remove Sabinet from the findings, the OA publications are more accessible in commercial A&I services; however, the comparison of availability of the resources through Google Scholar does not reveal significant difference between DOAJ, Bioline, Sabinet and the AJOL sources.
I hypothesize that AJOL has a lower average number of A&I sources per journal because the purely OA sources are more easily accessible to commercial A&I companies.
As AJOL moves to more OA journals, it would be very useful to track whether their rate of coverage in commercial A&I resources increases.
We are pleased that he will remain our COO and look forward to continued growth at our AJOL subsidiary under his leadership.
Pomeroy said, "I am particularly pleased to join PPOL at this juncture to help realize an aggressive growth strategy and build new revenue streams leveraging the strength of its subsidiary, AJOL.
Through the sponsorship of an international organisation, the library has provided access to EBSCO Databases, AGORA, AJOL, etc.