AJRHAfrican Journal of Reproductive Health
AJRHAustralian Journal of Rural Health
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In my considered view, notable among the hitherto often neglected but significant RH issues in sub-Saharan Africa that the AJRH helped to call needed policy and research attention to over the last twenty years are:
As exemplified by many of the papers in this issue of the journal, the range, depth, diversity and cross-cutting nature of the issues that have been addressed by the AJRH since 1997 helped to reaffirm the interconnectedness of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and sustainable development, thereby firmly placing the former within the mainstream of public policy discourse across Africa.
It is to the eternal credit of Professor Friday Okonofua, founder of WHARC, the publisher of the AJRH and his associates and supporters that the AJRH did not suffer premature death or stunted growth.
Finally, I want to emphasize the huge contribution that the AJRH has made and continues to make to the academic careers of budding African scholars in the fields of public health, gender studies, medicine and allied disciplines.
To date, the AJRH is one of a few journals published from sub-Saharan Africa that focuses exclusively on the reproductive health and related social development with a focus on women and youth.
One of the principal objectives of the AJRH is to provide resource materials for undergraduate and postgraduate training in reproductive health, public health, and related fields on issues related to Africa, so as to provide a forum for consolidating the fields of reproductive health and public health in the region, and to mentor subsequent generations of students and practitioners in these disciplines.
In view of this recognition, AJRH will in the future prioritize the documentation of the background and related social, economic and cultural factors associated with women's and youth's poor reproductive health outcomes.
We can only promise that the AJRH will remain rigorous and will pursue deeper frontiers in its mission to promote equity and social justice for women, youth and the girl child in sub-Saharan Africa.
Table 1: Characteristics of articles published in AJRH between 2006 and 2010 Number of articles published annually Year Frequency Percent 2006 32 15.