AJRSAudio Junction Replacement Services (Manhattan, KS)
AJRSAubin-Jouvent-Rating-Scale (depression)
AJRSAir Jungle Rescue Squadron
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Following the warm-up, participants were pretested on the final AJRS test angle.
Mean AAE values for AJRS were used for data analyses.
Means and standard deviations for AAE for AJRS 15[degrees], 30[degrees], and 45[degrees] are presented in Table 2.
The present study is the first to exam the influence of different levels of fatigue on AJRS at three different knee joint angles.
Measuring AJRS in the order of pretest, then following 90%, 70%, and 50% of peak hamstring torque in that order may determine if a plateau effect occurred or if reproduction sense continues to decline as fatigue increases.
A statistically significant interaction effect between AJRS and fatigue was not found.