AJSCAssociação de Jovens de Samora Correia (Portuguese: Youth Association of Samora Correia; Samora Correia, Portugal)
AJSCAssignment Judge of Superior Court (New Jersey)
AJSCAnnual Joint Scientific Conference
AJSCAssociate Justice of the Supreme Court
AJSCAssociation of Jewish Sponsored Camps (est. 1962; various locations)
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Although the government's leadership has made many commitments to protect journalists and collaborate with the media - issuing numerous decrees for protecting journalists - these official measures have failed to deliver the desired results in reducing violence against journalists,' the AJSC said.
Until now, AJSC has supplied 27 units of 5000-tonne chillers and 1000 air-handling units.
The latter directly supports some AJSC camps, classified as children's resident, children with special needs (physical or other impairment), specialty day camps, and Orthodox.