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AJWSAustralian Jewish Welfare Society
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When Kouraj's founding members formed their nonprofit group in 2011, they knew they would be facing serious risks," AJWS said in a statement in 2014.
Most Haitians affiliate with the Roman Catholic Church--and, despite recent LGBT-friendly comments from Pope Francis, local church leaders have vociferously denounced LGBT people as immoral," AJWS said.
Approximately 18 percent of constituents were accessing the report on the AJWS website from mobile devices, so the organization designed a site that made the report more welcoming.
For the AJWS, the decision-making process took roughly a month to complete, including conceptualizing layout, organizing content, and identifying goals for the annual report site.
More than half of its grantees 'support programs that tackle some of the most difficult issues facing women and girls today," and this issue of AJWS Reports features the work of some of those grantees, in countries such as Haiti (earthquake relief), Ethiopia (educating adolescent girls), Burma (refugee rights), Sri Lanka (LGBTI rights), Thailand (indigenous land rights), Senegal (peacemaking), Columbia (land and water rights), and Peru (Afro-Peruvian rights).
The following accommodation guarantee issued by the AJWS provides an example of the specific assurances the government required:
From the start, tensions emerged between the two main Jewish agencies involved in refugee assistance in Australia--Melbourne's AJW&RS and Sydney's AJWS.
There's always been this belief that even though men are the providers, it's women who determine the moral character of a family and a community," said Seth Appel, program director of the Jewish Volunteer Corps, a program of the AJWS.
Meanwhile, Ann Haendel has volunteered with the AJWS for three different stints in different parts of Africa over the past several years.
The AJWS is assisting some of the approximately 160,000 people who live in refugee camps along the Thai/Burma border.
AJWS urges the Obama administration to immediately lead the international community to ensure all necessary contingency planning is developed and implemented to protect the people of Darfur and international aid workers.