AJWSAmerican Jewish World Service
AJWSAustralian Jewish Welfare Society
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NEW YORK, May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- James Kofi Annan, founder and executive director of AJWS grantee Challenging Heights, knows the impact of a lost childhood.
s federal budget, many international development groups, including AJWS, believe that cutting these aid programs will do little, if nothing, to address the U.
24x24 is presented with participation from partner organizations such as Hillel International, URJ, and AJWS in the USA, and with international partners Akadem and the Universidad Hebraica, Mexico.
Approximately 18 percent of constituents were accessing the report on the AJWS website from mobile devices, so the organization designed a site that made the report more welcoming.
The following accommodation guarantee issued by the AJWS provides an example of the specific assurances the government required:
There's always been this belief that even though men are the providers, it's women who determine the moral character of a family and a community," said Seth Appel, program director of the Jewish Volunteer Corps, a program of the AJWS.
Global Hunger Shabbat is about ensuring that people in developing countries are able to grow their own food and feed themselves with dignity," said AJWS president Ruth Messinger.
Schear brings 30 years of communications experience to AJWS, where he will direct all communications activities to advance AJWS's global mission, inspired by Judaism's commitment to justice, to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world
These nine artists blew my mind and the tops off of the pushke boxes I grew up with," said AJWS president Ruth Messinger.
AJWS has funded Angelei's work to fight the construction of the massive Gibe 3 Dam in southern Ethiopia for the past two years.
Our one-size-fits-all food aid system is outdated, but Congress has the opportunity to fix it with this year's farm bill reauthorization," said Timi Gerson, director of advocacy at AJWS.
American Jewish World Service outperforms most other charities in America," said Charity Navigator's President and CEO Ken Berger in a letter to AJWS.