AK1Adenylate Kinase 1
AK1Aviation Storekeeper First Class (Naval Rating)
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Patients AK1, CA1, and CA4 completed follow-up interviews about their activities in Alaska.
contacts, by case-patient CA1 CA4 AK1 ([double ([section]) Contacts ([dagger]) dagger]) Total no.
By October 1979 they had discovered the main Argyle mine pipe known as the AK1 pipe, after one of the geologists first spotted a small diamond embedded in an anthill.
The A$450 million construction of the AK1 process plant and associated infrastructure took just 18 months and the Argyle Diamond Mine was commissioned in December 1985.
The company operates a 10Mtpa (ore) open pit diamond mining operation, centred on the lamproite AK1 orebody, and feeding an ore processing and diamond recovery plant.
Currently, the AK1 operation moves more than 80Mt of overburden to treat 10Mt of ore annually.
Conversely, Alaskan loess demonstrates higher SIRM in loess AK3, about 6 times as high as that in soil AK1 (Fig.
The softest sample is neither soil AK1 nor loess AK3, which have similar values, but weakly developed soil AK2.
However, a very similar grain size distribution is shown between Alaskan loess AK3 and weakly weathered loess (AK2), while well-developed soil AK1 has a very different distribution (Table 2), which may imply a discontinuous variation between weakly weathered loess AK2 and well-developed soil AK1.
LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 23, 1998--RIO Tinto plc (NYSE:RTP) announced today that the Argyle Diamond Mines Joint Venture parties, Rio Tinto (57%), Ashton (38%) and Western Australian Diamond Trust (5%), today approved the first stage of further development of the AK1 open pit mine in Western Australia.
De Beers discovered Botswana's world class Orapa AK1 mine in 1967;
1, 1966; CUSIP Number 266228 AK1 -- to be redeemed at 100.