AK3Adenylate Kinase 3
AK3Aviation Storekeeper Third Class (Naval Rating)
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In the present study, the WSPP strain was the most frequently isolated strain, followed equally by the AK3 and WK/AK1 strains.
Although WPP, AK3, and WR/AK1 MRSA strains are considered community-associated, in our study they were all isolated from laboratory health workers and a hospital patient.
Sample AK1, with a low X value, is from an Alaskan palaeosol equivalent to the peak of marine oxygen isotope (MOI) stage 3, while samples AK2 and AK3 are loess samples, with higher X, from the transition between MOI stages 5 and 6.
In addition, the SIRM value of Alaskan loess AK3 is about 2.
The softest sample is neither soil AK1 nor loess AK3, which have similar values, but weakly developed soil AK2.
c] was found for palaeosol XF1 in Xifeng but also for loess AK3 in Alaskan samples (Table 1).
The 2 stronger magnetic samples, loess AK3 and weakly developed soil AK2, show a loss of Ms percentage during heating and visible concavity around 350 [degrees] C in the heating curve, indicating the presence of higher concentrations of maghaemite than the Xifeng samples.
Susceptibility of loess sample AK3 reduces noticeably (by about 60%) after heating, while soil AK1 increases its susceptibility up to a factor of 4.