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AKASAAker American Shipping (Philadelphia, PA)
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His Majesty received at his residence at Akasa Palace former Japanese premier and founder of Bahrain-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Committee Yasuo Fukuda and praised his efforts to promote relations.
Thus the parallelism with the five senses is missed, along with the probable rationale for the fifth (for the Indians, first) element, akasa 'ether'--the Veda that is sabadamatra, i.
Our 2013 capital program also provides funds for the initiation of development at TEN (Tweneboa, Enyenra, and Ntomme), as well as additional appraisal activities and development studies for Mahogany, Teak, and Akasa.
New age/world fusion singer and songwriter Akasa (with contributions from Morris Hayes, Nick Michaels, Aaron Stern & Shenkar) presents Portal, a music album of far-reaching beauty, performed with nigh-mystic gentleness.
Apart from Jubilee, the Tullowled consortium has discovered the Akasa, Mahogany and Teak fields, plus the TEN project, which encompasses three smaller fields: Tweneboa, Enyenra and Ntomme.
The Best Feature Film Trophy was given to Sri Lanka 's Akasa Kusum, directed by Prasanna Vithanage, for its poetic evocation of a golden age of cinema, seen through the memories of love and loss of an ageing actress.
His Majesty received a guard of honour after which his motorcade headed to Akasa Palace where the King will stay.
Other Prominent Vendors -- 3M -- Aavid Thermalloy -- Aegis Technology -- AI Technology -- Akasa Group -- AMETEK Specialty Metal Products -- AOS Thermal Compounds -- Arctic Silver -- Bergquist -- Cast-Coat -- Chomerics -- Cool Polymers -- Coolaboratory -- Enerdyne Thermal Solutions -- Epoxies -- Indium -- Innovation Cooling -- LORD -- Master Bond -- Materion -- MC-21 -- MG Chemicals -- Momentive -- NuSil Technology -- ROGERS -- Rubbercraft -- Seal King Industrial -- Shenzhen Western Hemisphere Technology -- Shin-Etsu Chemical -- Stockwell Elastomerics -- T-Global Technology -- Thermal Transfer Composites -- Timtronics -- Universal Science -- Vanguard products -- Wakefield-Vette
A total of 32 of these wells have been drilled by the Tullow-led consortium, yielding the Jubilee, Teak, Mahogany and Akasa fields, plus the TEN structure, which incorporates the Tweneboa, Enyenra and Ntomme fields.
TOKYO: His Majesty yesterday received at his residence in the Japanese Imperial Akasa Palace, Tokyo, Arab ambassadors accredited to Japan.
In vacana 1116, letters of the mantra are correlated with the elements: om gives rise to prakrti 'pre-matter', na to prthivi 'earth', ma to udaka 'water', si to agni 'fire', va to vayu 'wind', and ya to akasa 'ether'.