AKELAnorthotikon Komma Ergazemenou Laou (Cyprus; Progressive Party of the Working People)
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This was a clear barb against AKEL, which has a notoriously strong grip on Omonia -- so much so that the fortunes of one generally seem to mirror those of the other.
Russia's position on the Cyprus problem was also reiterated, according to AKEL, by the Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin who supported Russia's involvement in Crimea.
The pursuit ended in Hartley Street where Akel got out and ran off, but he was chased and caught by the officers.
The proposed solution by AKEL for an exit from the Memorandum Agreement and the Eurozone area, as the Secretary General of AKEL himself admitted, does not have the approval neither of the majority of the Cypriot political forces nor of the people Mr.
During the debate on the memorandum, AKEL party proposed an alternative plan based on a study prepared by left-wing economists from Greece, Germany and Cyprus.
Eran Riklis's subtle, gently moving film preaches a message of peace and understanding with a delightful performance from newcomer El Akel.
Al Rajhi's entry into the Jordanian market marks yet another major milestone in the bank's outstanding legacy," said Akel, "With an uncompromising commitment to establishing a contemporary global banking network founded on Islamic principles, Al Rajhi is eager to bring its varied array of Islamic banking solutions to the Jordanian market, which houses one of the most progressive and fastest growing banking industries in the region.
There is a huge market of sports enthusiasts who would be a perfect fit with our products like The Wrist Shot and we're confident Akel Ventures can bring brand awareness to that market.
The five arrested people had already spent 16 years in jail because of their membership in the Syrian opposition Communist Party, of which Akel is also a member.
That was the beginning, Akel recalls, and it was when she started going down to the Delta city of Mahalla, known for its massive towels factories.
Plaintiff Akel is a Certified Anti Money-Laundering Specialist (CAMS), one of less than a thousand people world-wide that specialize in the detection and prevention of international money laundering.
AKEL has submitted a proposal to stop the privatisation process.