AKMGAdvertising Kings Media Group (Santa Monica, CA)
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is a seasoned advertising executive who was responsible for cultivating one of the leading online ad agencies in the performance marketing space, formerly known as AKMG.
Having taken close to three years off from the industry after the sale of AKMG, I've had numerous opportunities presented to me.
He said he was happy to be associated with AKMG in its charitable activities.
The King Faisal Foundation is a philanthropic body set up in commemoration of the late Saudi monarch and until that point AKMG was simply one of its divisions with assets used to bring in funds for the foundation's work.
The agency said they have a social screening process that looks into the financial situation of all patients who approach AKMG for treatment and surgery.
For many, the exposure to one has been recent, Llke the one organised by the AKMG (Association Of Kerala Medical Graduates) - Dubai Chapter, the first ladies-only medical camp at the Transguard staff accommodation in Al Quoz earlier this month.