AKQAce, King and Queen (online card games)
AKQWakefield Municipal Airport (airport code, VA)
AKQAndrea Keller Quartet
AKQAsthma Knowledge Questionnaire
AKQAIDS Knowledge Quiz
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Although the majority of the items from the AKQ assess knowledge relating to the transmission of the AIDS virus, 13 relate to the subject's sexual activity.
Of the remaining 10 sexual activity items on the AKQ, 7 were target items and 3 were filler items.
AIDS knowledge scores on the 32-item scale from the AKQ ranged from 27 to 59 with a median of 46 and a mean of 46.
Because with AKQ of hearts North would surely lead a top honour.
AKQ options will trade on the January expiration cycle with introductory expirations in August, September, October, and January.