AKRSPAgha Khan Rural Support Programme
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With the success of this initiative, the IP rights of the design will now be donated to the AKRSP (India), in order to replicate the design and specification so that other villages can benefit from the solution.
The AKRSP had helped the Attaabad Village Organisation (VO) to build a link-road to KKH.
For example, the Gilgit Eye Hospital opened in the late 1980s, soon after AKRSP arrived.
He said that AKRSP had set up Vocational and Training Center in each district to offer different types of courses to the students of these areas in Gilgit-Baltistan
AKRSP general manager Abdul Malik, deputy commissioner Aminul Haq and community leaders, Hasil Murad and Rashida, on this occasion highlighted the importance of the power project and said that womenfolk would also benefit of it.
These Programmes, largely applied the philosophy of Grameen Bank, AKRSP and OPP.
She went on to do an informal market research and saw opportunities for establishing a beauty parlour in her area, and acquired cosmetic training with support from AKRSP.
Moreover, micro credit financing facility need to be extended on the patterns of development programmes launched in mountainous regions under the supervision of AKRSP, SRSC and BRSP [Mohmand (1999)].
Over a dozen other partners are playing their role to make the 4th edition of the Pakistan Mountain Festival a success, and they include Rupani Foundation, AKRSP, SEED project, EvK2CNR, ICIMOD, Sustainable Tourism Foundation and the Adventurer Club.
The organization is also in process of negotiation with different government organizations like NAVTEC, AKRSP, Rupani Foundation and UNDP to initiate various initiatives in different sectors.
AKRSP derives its success from a two pronged focus on institution-building and community participation.