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Conservation architect and project director at AKTC, Ratish Nanda, told M AIL T ODAY , " In the 1980s, Nila Gumbad was segregated from Humayun's Tomb when a trunk sewer line was laid.
Over 200 squatters were relocated and AKTC had to build an alternate one kilometre road.
An AKTC official said, " Nila Gumbad suffered heavily over the years because of this road.
At the end of the Croat-Muslim hostilities, warlords started piecemeal reconstruction but the AKTC and the WMF, working with a deeply committed mayor, managed to suppress (and usually obliterate) the resulting pustules of PoMo.
The work there exemplifies a holistic approach that runs through the work of the AKTC, in which architectural restoration is linked with the improvement of social conditions and economically stimulating for-profit ventures.
At the north end of Al-Azhar Park the AKTC is building the Museum of Historic Cairo in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt.