AKUHAga Khan University Hospital
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The AKUH on Monday has also officially initiated a project to expand the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.
Telemedicine is already allowing us to expand the resources at our disposal and draw on the expertise of AKUH for specialist consultation, second opinions and treatment input, resulting in speedier diagnosis and treatment and better outcomes for patients," said Kate Rowlands, General Director, FMIC.
An unexpected finding was the detection, at both AKUH and the UK Special Pathogens Reference Unit, of dengue-3 and CCHF virus RNA in the sample from patient B.
This time, bronchoscopy was performed at AKUH, and it revealed that the patient had an omega-shaped epiglottis but no other obvious physical abnormality in the airway.
AKUH has 563 beds in operation including 4 VIP, 123 Private and 121 Semi-Private air-conditioned rooms and 260 General Ward beds.
KARACHI, May 20 -- The number of suspected hepatitis B carriers in Pakistan is approximately five million, disclosed Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Wasim Jafri while addressing a public awareness programme on World Hepatitis Day organised by AKUH.
Dr Qurat Khan, a psychiatrist at AKUH, said it was important to remain positive and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
The mela included a number of activities for adults and children including a poster competition of over 500 posters drawn by children aged 10-15 years; free screening for blood sugar and cholesterol levels, body mass index calculation and free of cost nutritional counselling and medical advice by AKUH doctors.
AKUH offers two packages in Executive Clinic for health evaluation.
The seminar was organised by the AKUH Representative Office in Dubai to raise public awareness about important health issues.
Launched in 2007, the project already links FMIC in Kabul, Afghanistan to AKUH in Karachi, Pakistan, enabling access to a broad array of radiology expertise provided by AKUH.
Focussing on the oftenneglected topic of nutrition, Senior Dietician at AKUH, Bushra Mushtaq, stressed on the importance of a suitable diet for cancer patients, which should be planned and monitored by a qualified dietician.