AKUTAktion Kirche und Tiere (German: Church Action and Animals)
AKUTArama Kurtarma Dernegi (Turkish Search and Rescue Association)
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A special AKUT team arrived at the scene and rescued the goats in a short time successfully.
Turkish security forces, AKUT and villagers contacted with the tourists with telephone and finally reach them but when they were reach there, father Stephane White nearly in shock of the thirst.
Aa AKUT General Secretary Saydun Goksin said their team reached to Haiti with Turkish Red Crescent and made very successful works with their rescue dogs.
According to the NGO itself, AKUT is currently active in over 35 of Turkey's 81 provinces, including ystanbul.
5, 2010 in the story "Missing Irish father and son found thanks to camera flash," AKUT has indeed become a vital part of many rescue operations.
Since their formation in 2000, Ma'Claim (My Part) has become known for pioneering a unique photorealistic style with aerosol spray cans - AKUT, CASE, and TA550 are photorealistic painters while RUSK is the style (letters) painter - notorious for his Ma'Claim tag.
AKUT told DNE, "We didn't want to do anything overtly political or impose our opinions.
AKUT, so far, helped in earthquake disasters in Greece, Taiwan, India, Iran, Pakistan and Haiti, and flood disaster in Mozambique.
Yonca Evcimik, HAKUT Animal Search and Rescue Chairwoman called AKUT and denunciated them that a cut is being stuck on the island.
AKUT, working in cooperation with French rescue teams, pulled out the 24-year-old Haitian women from the rubble, raising number of people it rescued to 6.
Under the stunned eyes of crowd, some people from the army and AKUT (Turkish Search and Rescue Society) intervened and stopped Euzbilen.
A six-member team with the Search & Rescue Association, AKUT, and a five-member team with "Isn't there Anybody" (Kimse Yok Mu) aid association joined Turkish GEA search & Rescue team who pulled five people alive from the debris of a shopping mall in Port Au Prince, capital city of Haiti, in the wake of the massive quake.