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ALADDINAutonomous Learning Agents for Decentralised Data and Information (disaster management)
ALADDINAdvanced Large Area Detector Developments in InSb
ALADDINAstronomy Large Area Detective Development in Indium Antimonide
ALADDINAtmospheric Layer and Density Distribution of Ions and Neutrals
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He again put it down to enchantment, and this time the Sultan believed him, and sent thirty men on horseback to fetch Aladdin in chains.
The people, indeed, looked so threatening that the Sultan gave way and ordered Aladdin to be unbound, and pardoned him in the sight of the crowd.
Save my life, genie," said Aladdin, "and bring my palace back.
Even so," said Aladdin "but thou canst take me to the palace, and set me down under my dear wife's window.
The princess ran and opened the window, and at the noise she made Aladdin looked up.
After he had kissed her Aladdin said: "I beg of you, Princess, in God's name, before we speak of anything else, for your own sake and mine, tell me what has become of an old lamp I left on the cornice in the hall of four-and-twenty windows, when I went a-hunting.
Now I know," cried Aladdin, "that we have to thank the African magician for this
She put on a girdle and head-dress of diamonds, and seeing in a glass that she looked more beautiful than ever, received the magician, saying to his great amazement: "I have made up my mind that Aladdin is dead, and that all my tears will not bring him back to me, so I am resolved to mourn no more, and have therefore invited you to sup with me; but I am tired of the wines of China, and would fain taste those of Africa.
The magician flew to his cellar, and the princess put the powder Aladdin had given her in her cup.
The princess then opened the door to Aladdin, and flung her arms round his neck, but Aladdin put her away, bidding her to leave him, as he had more to do.
He hastened thither, and Aladdin received him in the hall of the four-and-twenty windows, with the princess at his side.
Then he went towards the palace of Aladdin, and all the people thinking he was the holy woman, gathered round him, kissing his hands and begging his blessing.